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How much does a Hindu Priest make per year? Average Hindu Priest Salary +  

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions on Earth. Hinduism is one of the major world religions along with Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism, numbering over 700 million followers. The number of followers is concentrated in India, where Hindus are 83% of a population of 700 million. It also has followers in countries of the Indian culture or influenced by this culture such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bali, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji and Mauritius. The average salary of a Hindu priest is $20,000-$30,000 per year.

How much does a Buddhist Monk make per year? Average Buddhist Monk Salary +  

There are several types of Buddhist monks as there are several types of Buddhism, but what unites them is the spiritual life. Each type of monk has a different style of life and habits that are different and unique. There is a code that they have to follow as a strict daily schedule. The daily life of a Buddhist monk requires interaction with the community around him, and especially with other monks from the monastery. Usually Buddhist monks are not allowed to receive money for themselves.

How much does an Eastern Orthodox Priest make per year? Average Eastern Orthodox Priest Salary +  

The word orthodox means correct belief, the name derives from the Greek words “orthos” meaning right, and “doxa” meaning belief. The Orthodox religion is followed by 200 million people, the Orthodox Church being one of the three most important churches in Christianity together with the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches. The Eastern Orthodox Church is popular in Central and Eastern Europe and also in America. An Eastern Orthodox priest has a very important role in his community, being the person authorized by the Church to celebrate all religious services.

How much does a Christian Minister make per year? Average Christian Minister Salary +  

A Minster in the Church has to perform services for the community including baptism, funerals, weddings and teaching of beliefs. He is a religious leader offering spiritual guidance to the community. He is offering his support to the sick ones; he raises funds for the parish and administrates the parish. A Christian Minister has two important responsibilities: he represents the Christian community and he speaks in its name, and he represents God. The average Christian minister salary is $35,000-$55,000 per year.

How much does a Jewish Priest make per year? Average Jewish Priest Salary +  

The religion known as Judaism (after the main Hebrew prophet Moses) is the religion of the Hebrew people. The precepts of Judaism led to the monotheistic religions of Christianity and Islam. Judaism was founded in 2000 BC by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and has over 18 million followers. Judaism adopted the belief in one God who is the creator of the universe and the one who leads His chosen people, the Jews, with the help of the prophets, with whom He speaks. Judaism is one of the oldest monotheistic religions surviving for more than 3000 years. A Jewish priest makes around $55,000 per year.

How much does a Mormon Minister make per year? Average Mormon Minister Salary +  

Mormon religion was founded more than 200 years ago by Joseph Smith. This man claimed that he was visited by God Father and Jesus Christ and that he was told that all churches and faiths are false and defamatory. Joseph then started to build an entirely new religion to claim that is the "only true church on earth". Mormons are not Protestants or Christians, but they consider themselves to have great faith and the “Book of Mormon” is just another testament of Jesus Christ. A Mormon Minister usually receives a modest living stipend.

How much does a Unitarian Priest make per year? Average Unitarian Priest Salary +  

Unitarianism is an anti Trinitarian movement, which occurred during the Reformation movement in Germany, England, Switzerland, Poland and Transylvania. Unitarians are considered modern and progressive, but their beliefs can be found in antiquity. The first Unitarians were monarchists. They argued that there is no Trinity, meaning three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and God is one. In the eighteenth century, Unitarianism became important in America as a reaction to the rigid Calvinism of New England Congregationalist churches. A Unitarian Priest usually receives a stipend.

How much does a Pentecostal Priest make per year? Average Pentecostal Priest Salary +  

Pentecostalism is a continuation of the movement of "revival" of faith, which took place in the last century. In 1900, the American preacher Charles F. Parham began to sustain that the Holy Spirit descends upon the faithful, giving them the gift of speaking in unlearned languages. According to the Bible, the gift was received by the apostles at Pentecost in the fiftieth day. As the fiftieth day is translated into Greek as "Pentecostal”, the followers of the new religious movements have adopted the name Pentecostal. From USA the Pentecostal movement has spread to Europe.

How much does a Methodist Priest make per year? Average Methodist Priest Salary +  

The Methodist Movement was initiated in the mid 18th century by the Anglican minister John Wesley. Methodism was a splitting current of the Anglican Church in the sense of a revival movement, similar to the known German current, pietism. The modern Methodism is known for the variety of its doctrine. A Methodist priest is free to adopt different schools of interpretation of the Bible. The main belief of the Methodist Church is in Jesus and at present there are about 22 million believers. The average salary of a Methodist priest is $43,000 per year.

How much does a Baptist Minister make per year? Average Baptist Minister Salary +  

The most known Baptist Minister was John Smith, the defender of the religious liberty principle. He is also considered by historians as the founder of the Baptist denomination. Becoming a Baptist minister involves joining a ministry roll at a local church, having a pastor for mentoring, going to a college and then graduating from a seminary. These steps are not sufficient; the last step in becoming a Baptist minister is the ordination which is the assurance of the congregation of serving God. A Baptist minister makes around $55,000 per year.

How much does a Baptist Priest make per year? Average Baptist Priest Salary +  

As a church, baptism appeared in the seventeenth century but Baptist theologians and historians say that the origin of religion is in the early Christian era. The appearance of Baptists in its current form is related to the name of John Smith – a Puritan minister who, in 1608, emigrated from England to Holland. In the Baptist religion there is in no hierarchical authority and each Baptist church has its own autonomy. The salary of a Baptist priest varies depending on the experience, for example, a youth priest earns $44,000 a year, while a senior priest can earn around $67,000 per year.

How much does a Lutheran Priest make per year? Average Lutheran Priest Salary +  

The Lutheranism cult is based on the teachings of Martin Luther who initiated the underlying religious reform of the entire Protestant religion. In his conception, man achieves salvation only through faith, the church and clergy, saints and statues having no role in the forgiveness of sins. Very often a Lutheran priest is also called a Lutheran pastor. The term pastor is used by American Lutherans to name their clerics and the term priest is used mainly in the European Lutheran countries. A Lutheran priest usually earns around $55,000 per year.

How much does an Episcopalian Minister make per year? Average Episcopalian Minister Salary +  

An Episcopal Minister is the Anglican Priest of the USA. In the Anglican Church there are three orders of ministers: priests, bishops and deacons and very rare an Episcopal deacon is named simply a minister. An Episcopalian Minister is a non-ordained person, and it is not permitted to celebrate sacraments as an ordained priest would. Becoming an Episcopalian Minister suppose to attend a seminary in order to earn the Master of Divinity degree. The average Episcopalian Minister salary is $35,000-$40,000 per year.

How much does an Anglican Priest make per year? Average Anglican Priest Salary +  

Anglicanism represents the doctrines and organization of the Church of England after the schism from Rome under the influence of the Protestant Reformation. Anglicanism is a community organized in dioceses, headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, which meets every 10 years in a council (Lambeth Conference). An Anglican priest has the same role as a Catholic or Orthodox priest. The priest can not get married if he is also a member of a religious order, but a priest from the secular clergy can get married.

How much does a Protestant Priest make per year? Average Protestant Priest Salary +  

Often, the term priest is replaced in the protestant religion with the word pastor. This word is used as a job title or as a title. The role of a Protestant priest is to dedicate his entire life to the protestant beliefs, to give advice, to organize events and services and to serve the congregation. In order to become a Protestant Priest a person must follow an education, such as college and four years of seminary. The average Protestant Priest salary is around $25,000-$35,000 per year.

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