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Everything you need to know about today's top jobs.

How Much Does a Court Clerk Make Per Year? Average Court Clerk Salary +  

Court clerks serve as an important link in the day-to-day functioning of courts as they are responsible for multiple important tasks. Some of the prominent duties of a court clerk include assembling documents for court proceedings, drafting court orders as assigned and sending out notices of court schedules. In addition to managing the administrative activities of the clerk’s office, they also record payments of fees and fine. A high school diploma and previous experience in a similar field are the basic requirements to become a court clerk. The average court clerk salary is $40,000 per year.

How Much Does a Counseling Psychologist Make Per Year? Average Counseling Psychologist Salary +  

Counseling psychologists are in great demand because it is they who treat people suffering from various problems, including personal issues and career problems. They mainly attend those complaining of depression and stress, generally caused by excess work, financial problems and domestic concerns. Most counseling psychologists work in hospitals and healthcare centers, while a section of them are employed in government and private agencies. Counseling psychologists who set up their own private practice as well as those working in major cities earn more.

How Much Does a Correctional Counselor Make Per Year? Average Correctional Counselor Salary +  

The job outlook for correctional counselors is generally encouraging. A correctional counselor earns $45,000 as an average annual income. This may vary owing to certain factors such as the type of setting, work location and experience. One of the main duties of a correctional counselor is to oversee former jail inmates to enable them to join the mainstream of life. A correctional counselor is often called upon to testify in court on behalf of an inmate. As mental health counselors, they also work with individuals trapped in addiction habits and substance abuse.

How Much Does a Corporate Attorney Make Per Year? Average Corporate Attorney Salary +  

Corporate attorneys are always in high demand as many large companies seek their services to guard against legal risks. On average, a corporate attorney earns $100,000 or more annually. The income is determined by a host of factors such as area, size and type of the firm, education and experience. The main duties of a corporate attorney include researching and writing briefs. They offer advice on legal policies and environmental issues. They conduct research on a variety of legal issues and represent a firm in various legal proceedings.

How Much Does a CISSP Make Per Year? Average CISSP Salary +  

On average, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) earns in the range of $125,000 to $150,000 annually. CISSP jobs are in huge demand and have a much greater than average growth rate. CISSP candidates must possess a minimum of 5 years of direct full-time security work experience in 2 or more of the information security domains. CISSP is an independent information security certification, governed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

How Much Does a City Engineer Make Per Year? Average City Engineer Salary +  

The average income of a city engineer is $65,000 yearly. The salaries increase with the length of service. A city engineer works out designs according to a city’s infrastructural requirements. They are held responsible for design, inspection and implementation of projects. City engineers interact with several government officials as well as the public while working on projects such as road design and transportation infrastructure.

How Much Does a City Clerk Make Per Year? Average City Clerk Salary +  

Employment opportunities for city clerks are fairly good, with a projected growth on par with the national average rate during the current decade. A city clerk earns about $40,000 per year. This varies depending on factors such as town or city size and location. City clerks serve as the vital link between the public and the town or city council by performing several important duties. They are responsible for issuing permits and collecting town property taxes.

How Much Does a City Attorney Make Per Year? Average City Attorney Salary +  

City attorneys generally enjoy good job prospects. The average annual income of a city attorney is $90,000. They represent city administration and offer legal advice to city officials on many public-related matters, including housing, health and recreation. They are responsible for planning, developing and implementing legal service programs for the city. In addition to helping the government to file lawsuits against law offenders, city attorneys also defend the government in cases where it is sued for damages. They assist in drafting leases, contracts and agreements.

How Much Does a City Manager Make Per Year? Average City Manager Salary +  

The job outlook for city managers is good as they are required in large numbers by city officials to take up a variety of responsibilities. On average, a city manager earns $75,000 annually. San Antonio, Houston, New York, Indio and Las Vegas are cities that are particularly popular for city manager jobs. They are usually hired by government officials such as mayors or city councils. They perform several duties, including supervising the heads of various departments such as sanitation and law enforcement.

How Much Does a City Planner Make Per Year? Average City Planner Salary +  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, city planner jobs are projected to register a growth rate of 19% during the next several years. The average salary of a city planner is $72,000 per year. They mostly work for local governments and specialize in areas such as transportation, urban design, and rural and industrial development. City planners work on public projects such as building new roads and special structures. A master’s degree in urban planning and adequate knowledge of mathematics and computer operations are the basic requirements to become a city planner.

How Much Does a Circulation Director Make Per Year? Average Circulation Director Salary +  

Circulation is one of the important elements in newspaper industry as all the hard work put in by different departments is ultimately reflected only by a newspaper or magazine’s overall circulation. Also, in general, it is based on the circulation that a newspaper’s credibility is evaluated from the reader’s point of view. The average income of a circulation director is $80,000 annually. Their salaries vary depending mainly on the size of the newspaper or magazine, education and experience.

How Much Does a Culinary Manager Make Per Year? Average Culinary Manager Salary +  

In general culinary managers have good job prospects. On average, they receive $50,000 per year. Culinary managers mostly work in restaurants and bars that serve food. They are responsible for the quality of food served and coordinate with the executive chef. Culinary managers recruit kitchen staff and decide their duty schedules, depending on the requirements. Previous experience in a similar field is essential for the job. Culinary managers must have the capacity to work in a fast-paced and result-oriented environment.

How Much Does a Customer Service Manager Make Per Year? Average Customer Service Manager Salary +  

As the job title suggests, a customer service manager’s main responsibility is to satisfy varying customer needs. They oversee customer service representatives and handle special cases. The different job titles of a customer service manager are customer care manager, customer relationship manager and customer operations manager. The duties of a customer service manager differ depending on the type and size of the employer. The average customer service manager salary is $45,000 per year.

How Much Does a Curriculum Specialist Make Per Year? Average Curriculum Specialist Salary +  

On average, a curriculum specialist earns $45,000 to $50,000 annually. Austin, New York, Hampton, San Antonio, Grand Rapids, Midland and Milwaukee are the cities that offer high salaries to curriculum specialists. It is an important position in an education system. About 40% of curriculum specialist work for public schools, 20% serve private schools and the remaining for consulting agencies and state governments. Besides developing curriculum, they also review and recommend textbooks to schools. Many of the curriculum specialists are mostly former teachers.

How Much Does a Currency Trader Make Per Year? Average Currency Trader Salary +  

The market for foreign exchange keeps growing steadily and so do the job opportunities along with it. A currency trader, also called as a foreign exchange trader, earns about $100,000 annually. Work location, type of employer and experience are some of the important factors which account for the substantial variations in their salaries. Financial services, banking, investment and insurance are among the prominent industries that employ currency traders. They study the rates of exchange of currency and engage in buying or selling depending upon their misevaluations.

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