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How Much Does a CRNA in Texas Make Per Year? Average CRNA in Texas Salary +  

Like in many other prominent states and provinces in the US, a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) enjoys excellent job opportunities in Texas. On average, a CRNA in Texas draws salaries in the range of $100,000 to $150,000 a year, equivalent to the income their counterparts draw in New York, California, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania. A Master’s degree in nursing and at least two years of experience, besides certification as a nurse anesthetist are required to become a CRNA. They provide care before and after anesthesia is administered to a patient

How Much Does a Clinical Research Associate Make Per Year? Average Clinical Research Associate Salary +  

The job outlook for clinical research associates continues to remain encouraging, due to the essential nature of their work. The average salary of a CRA is $70,000 a year. The earnings differ depending on several factors, including work location, type of employer and experience. A CRA’s duties normally vary from one medical setting to another. In addition to monitoring clinical trials, they ensure that such trials are completed before a medicinal product reaches in a hospital or pharmacy. CRAs may also assist in preparation of presentations of scientific meetings and technical journals.

How Much Does a Crab Fisherman Make Per Year? Average Crab Fisherman Salary +  

The job of a crab fisherman involves a huge amount of risk, particularly if the weather turns foul when they venture out into the sea. On average, a crab fisherman earns in the range of $30,000 to $40,000 for a two-month season. However, their earnings may vary substantially depending upon their catch, the type of the boat they engage, and the strength of the crew. The price per pound of the catch that is determined at the dock. The crab fishermen on The Deadliest Catch make up to $100,000 or more.

How Much Does a Crane Operator Make Per Year? Average Crane Operator Salary +  

Crane operators enjoy good job opportunities, with an expected increase in growth rate over the next several years. The average salary of a crane operator is $50,000. This may differ based on factors such as work location, experience and industry. Atlanta, New York, Houston, Norfolk, Las Vegas, Miami and Orlando are the cities that offer high salaries to crane operators. A crane operator handles different types of cranes, including tower cranes, overhead cranes and mobile cranes. He controls the machinery with pedals, levers, dials and switches.

How Much Does a Crown Prosecutor Make Per Year? Average Crown Prosecutor Salary +  

Crown prosecutors are public prosecutors representing the state against a defender in the courts of Canada or Britain. A crown prosecutor is a public servant, drawing a monthly salary, pension and various other benefits In the US they hold different job titles such as county prosecutor, county attorney, district attorney, and state attorney, where they are county government employees. On average, a public prosecutor earns $50,000 a year. Their duties include screening and preparing cases, and providing advice to the police and related agencies on criminal matters.

How Much Does a Crop Consultant Make Per Year? Average Crop Consultant Salary +  

Employment opportunities for crop consultants generally remain good as most farmers seek their services to keep their crops in good condition. Individual farmers as well as large firms purchase the help of crop consultants to create a good yield and also to cut down on expenditures. Crop consultants must possess sufficient experience in crop protection, product sales, besides having excellent communication and leadership skills. They help the farming community to overcome problems by offering a wide range of services. On average, a crop consultant earns about $50,000 a year.

How Much Does a Criminal Justice Major Make Per Year? Average Criminal Justice Major Salary +  

The average annual salary of a criminal justice major is $55,000. Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas and San Diego offer particularly high paychecks to a criminal justice major. Criminal justice is a very wide field that offers plenty of job opportunities. It relates to the study of laws concerning criminal behavior. Those who study criminal justice include the police, lawyers and people working in a judiciary capacity such as judges and clerks. A criminal justice major can specialize in any one of the aspects of criminal justice, including forensics, criminal investigation, and criminal law.

How Much Does a Crime Scene Technician Make Per Year? Average Crime Scene Technician Salary +  

A career as a crime scene technician is often competitive and requires hard work and determination. On average, a crime scene technician, also known as a crime scene investigator, earns $52,000 per year. Their income may vary mainly owing to the length of service and education that assures advancement prospects. The main duties of a crime scene technician include examining and recording finger and palm impressions taken from the scene of crime and taking photos of the crime scene. They also appear in courts whenever necessary.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Make Per Year? Average Criminal Defense Lawyer Salary +  

The job outlook for criminal defense lawyers is excellent because crime rates are constantly on the rise. Of the several factors that influence their income, education is considered vital for establishing a successful career. Private conflict council cases offer substantial trial experience by creating room for handling a variety of cases. Criminal defense lawyers get paid by the case or by the hour. A shrewd defense attorney handles a mix of state, federal, appointed and retained cases. They represent people accused of crimes such as drunk driving, robbery and domestic violence.

How Much Does a Critical Care Nurse Make Per Year? Average Critical Care Nurse Salary +  

Critical care nurses make up for a sizeable number of registered nurses (RN) in the US, accounting for nearly 40% of all nurses working in hospitals. According to the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, about 80% of these nurses hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing or an associate’s degree, whereas 15% possess a master’s degree. The average annual salary of a critical care nurse is $75,000, which is a little more than the RNs. They work with critically-ill patients suffering from different types of diseases or accidents.

How Much Does a Cryptanalyst Make Per Year? Average Cryptanalyst Salary +  

Cryptoanalysts enjoy excellent job opportunities that also offer good salaries. Those having a desire to pursue a career in cryptoanalysis require a thorough knowledge in mathematics and computer science. Cryptoanalysis is a core technical discipline within the Intelligence Community. In addition to math and computer programming, they use engineering and a lot of creativity to solve complex problems. Cryptoanalysts or cryptologists typically possess knowledge of geography, archaeology, philosophy and theology.

How Much Does a Cryptozoologist Make Per Year? Average Cryptozoologist Salary +  

Cryptozoology is studied mostly on a volunteer basis or by zoologists or wildlife biologists working in colleges, universities and research organizations. Although there is no fixed pay for cryptozoologists, there is a fair amount of money to be earned by them by offering lectures at universities, seminars, radio programs and talk shows. Cryptozoology is the study of animals that fall outside of contemporary zoology. A cryptozoologist specializes in the study of creatures such as Sasquatch, whose existence remains to be proven.

How Much Does a Cryptographer Make Per Year? Average Cryptographer Salary +  

Cryptographers have a lot of job opportunities that offer handsome salaries. The more the experience, the better the rate of pay for cryptographers. Work location and type of employer are the other prominent factors that influence their income. The primary duty of a cryptographer or cryptologist is to convert, store and retrieve documents, data and information, besides programming web sites.

How Much Does a Cryptologist Make Per Year? Average Cryptologist Salary +  

A cryptologist’s is a high-paying job, with government agencies offering numerous employment opportunities. The average income of a cryptologist is $80,000 and the same increases with experience. Most of them work for the National Security Administration (NSA) and academic institutions. Cryptology is a specialized field that involves the study of secret codes. Cryptologists come across problems that may not have been experienced before. A cryptologist is also known as crypto analyst, cryptographer, crypto logic technician or decipherer.

How Much Does a Creative Writer Make Per Year? Average Creative Writer Salary +  

There are only a few occupations that bring monetary and emotional satisfaction together, and a writer’s job is one of them. Since different industries seek their services, creative writers enjoy a relatively fair demand compared to many other occupations. However, it is more of a freelance position. A creative writer’s average salary is $45,000 a year. It differs depending on type of industry, job title and experience. The different titles of a creative writer include script writer, ghost writer, screen writer and editorial writer.

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