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Purchasing Guide

Great detail on the costs and prices of a wide range of products and services.

How Much Does an Average Tune Up Cost? Average Tune Up Price +  

A car requires preventive maintenance at every two years or 30,000 miles in order to maintain its performance and to extend its life. During a tune up, the affected parts of the car will be replaced with new ones to keep the car out of troubles. A tune up usually involves the changing of the air filter, fuel filter, oxygen filter, replacing or cleaning the spark plugs and replacement of PCV valve. The average price for tune up is around $100.

How Much Does an Average Trip To Hawaii Cost? Average Trip To Hawaii Price +  

Hawaii is the southernmost U.S. state. The State of Hawaii is composed of islands and several islets located near the center of the North Pacific. The state is composed of eight main islands and 124 islets, reefs and sandbanks. Honolulu is also the largest city and capital of Hawaii. Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state on August 21, 1959, and occupies an area almost entirely of volcanic origin. The diverse scenery in Hawaii includes mountains rising to 4000 m above sea level, surrounded by palm golden beaches, magnificent cliffs and canyons make it a popular holiday destination.

How Much Does an Average Trial Cost? Average Trial Price +  

A trial is classified according to two important factors such as: the finder of fact and the type of dispute. Concerning the first factor there is a jury trial, when the trial is held in front of a group of people, and a bench trial, when the trial is held before a judge. The type of dispute also divides the trial into: a criminal trial when a person is accused of committing a crime, and a civil trial which is held to solve non criminal disputes. The average trial price depends on all these factors.

How Much Does an Average Tattoo Cost? Average Tattoo Price +  

Tattoos have a special meaning and symbolic significance. Indians used tattoos to show their masculinity usually by tattooing animals on their bodies. Polynesians used these tribal tattoos to express the history of the person who wore the tattoo to identify his/her social status. Ancient People in New Zealand usually tattooed their faces and legs. Facial tattoos were generally used to define the individuality. Celts used tattoos with knots, abstract and mythical characters. The average price of a tattoo is around $100, but it varies depending on size, complexity and the number of colors used.

How Much Does an Average Roof Cost? Average Roof Price +  

The price of a new roof will always depend on the roof size. Another important aspect is the type of material chosen for roofing. There are also other decisive factors when it comes to roofing cost such as: the number of layers of shingles needed to be removed, the damage on the decking underneath and if there is any water damage. Usually the cost of the roof is given first by the cost of the materials used and second the roof installation cost. The average roof price is $75-$100 per square.

How Much Does an Average TV Commercial Cost? Average TV Commercial Price +  

Many entrepreneurs think to advertise their products on TV, but as many consider that advertising is very expensive. The price of a TV commercial fluctuates due to three factors such as: advertising locally or nationally, the time of the day and the duration of the ad. Also, the price of a TV commercial implies the cost of producing the commercial and second the cost of airing it. The average cost of producing and airing a 30 seconds national TV commercial is $350,000 but prices can start from as low as $1000.

How Much Does an Average Rolex Cost? Average Rolex Price +  

On 15 November 1915 the Rolex company was registered. It is a Swiss company that produces and sells luxury, high-quality watches. It is assumed that the name was made up, but the founder of the company, Wilsdorf choose the name because it is easily pronounceable. Rolex is the first wristwatch that automatically changes the day and date on the dial and the first wristwatch with waterproof case. The average price for a Rolex is $7000-$8000.

How Much Does an Average Electric Bill Cost? Average Electric Bill Price +  

The price of the electric bill varies depending on the type and size of the property and temperature changes. A one bedroom flat will have a lower bill, between $45 and $100 monthly or more depending on usage, compared to a four bed roomed house where the price could reach $300-400. The electricity bill will also increase if during the winter the house is heated with base boards and if during the summer the homeowner uses electric air conditioners.

How Much Does an Average Thanksgiving Dinner Cost? Average Thanksgiving Dinner Price +  

Originally, Thanksgiving Day was established on the last Thursday of November. After several changes of date, in 1941, the American Congress established Thanksgiving Day as a holiday and set it on the fourth Thursday of November. On Thanksgiving Day people thank God and earth for the rich harvest of the year. The specific menu is the baked turkey sprinkled with cranberry sauce and garnished with salad and potatoes and pumpkin pie for dessert. Thanksgiving is a family holiday and is the first step toward opening the shopping season for the winter holidays.

How Much Does an Average Engagement Ring Cost? Average Engagement Ring Price +  

By offering an engagement ring, a man confesses his desire to spend the rest of his life with the one considered being the chosen one and by accepting the ring, the woman chooses to submit her future and love to one man. The custom of wearing the ring on the fourth finger of left hand has old roots in an Egyptian myth, that finger is considered to be the heart correspondent. In some countries such as Ukraine, the ring is worn on the right hand, and in Germany and Poland the ring is worn on the left hand, and then moved on the right one when married.

How Much Does an Average Eye Exam Cost? Average Eye Exam Price +  

The health of the eyes is as important as the health of any other organ, but very often people, especially the young ones neglect this important aspect. An eye exam is not only performed to indicate the need of eye wear in order to correct vision deficiencies, but as a routine checkup in order to detect common eye diseases. The average price of an eye exam depends on the location where it is performed (in an optometrist or ophthalmologist office) and if the patient is insured or not. But nationally, the average cost of an eye exam is $120.

How Much Does an Average Er Visit Cost? Average Er Visit Price +  

The ER visit price depends on every person’s insurance plan, and on the hospital. Usually, the bill is sent after the intervention and the price varies depending on how serious the intervention was, if the patient had to run lab tests or to take any medicines. For example the average cost of an ER visit for influenza, sprains and headaches varies between $550 and $750, but in other situations it can go up to $1000.

How Much Does an Average Water Bill Cost? Average Water Bill Price +  

The price of water bill depends on how much water is being consumed and how much the company charges. Also, another important aspect refers to the geographical area and the availability of the water covered by the water company. Usually a household is charged depending on whether the property is metered or unmetered. So, if the property has a water meter, then the owner will have to pay only for the consumed units of water. If there is no water meter, the owner will have to pay a set rate usually established by the local council.

How Much Does an Average Window Cost? Average Window Price +  

Homeowners planning to renovate or to improve their home windows have to take into account that the price of replacing home windows isn’t always overwhelming. Concerning the fact, that by replacing the windows, there are some benefits such as a 10 to 25 percent savings on heating and cooling bills per year, the replacement of the windows seems to be a good investment. Also, replacing the windows increases the value of the house when it is time to sell the house. On average, the replacement of a window ranges between $300 and $700.

How Much Does an Average Wind Turbine Cost? Average Wind Turbine Price +  

The wind mill is the ancestor of wind generators. It appeared in the middle Ages in Europe. At the beginning it worked on a vertical shaft. Later, the wind mills were orientated by wind direction. A wind turbine is a dispositive that converts the wind’s energy into mechanical energy. A wind turbine should always extract the highest possible energy of the wind, wind turbines being designed to a maximum level of power. The price of a wind turbine varies depending on many aspects such as the cost of tower, the installation or the size and shape of the tower.

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