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Will Marriage Decrease My Car Insurance Rates? +  

While it varies between different insurance companies in degree, being married will virtually always have a positive effect on your car insurance rate. Insurance companies consider a married individual to have a greater sense of responsibility and thus a lower chance of being involved in an accident.

Will a Custom Paint Job Increase My Insurance Rates? +  

Depending on your car insurance plan a custom paint job may increase your yearly insurance bill or may have affect at all. If your car insurance policy covers the custom paint job and other permanently attached car features, an additional amount directly relative to the cost of the paint job will be added on to Custom pain jobs are snazzy, but can increase your insurance rates.Custom pain jobs are snazzy, but can increase your insurance rates.your annual bill. You must take this into account when considering whether your policy should cover the paint job or not.

What Will Make My Car Insurance Go Up? +  

Here’s a list of potential factors that will affect your car insurance.
1. The price of your car – the more valuable your car the more your insurance
2. Accidents—car accidents increase your insurance significantly
3. Age—if you are below the age of 25 you will have much higher insurance
Accidents have a serious affect on your car insurance rates.Accidents have a serious affect on your car insurance rates.4. Moving violations and DUIs—having traffic tickets and arrests on your record will increase

Should I Keep All of My Car Insurance Policies With the Same Company? +  

A lesser-known fact of car insurance policies is that of the effect of the actual number of policies that have been taken out with the same company. If yourself or your family on multiple vehicles is wise to register them for insurance with the same company. This will generally open up discounts and allow them to be applied to your insurance rates. Consolidating your car insurance plans can save you hundreds.Consolidating your car insurance plans can save you hundreds.This will also serve to reduce the overall number of bills they have to pay each month.

What You Need to Know About New York State Car Insurance Law +  

When applying for car insurance in New York State there is a notable laws to you should be aware of as you go about this. There are specific limits set by the laws to the minimum and maximum injury and property damage liability coverage amounts. You should ensure that you speak to your insurance representative about these while also keeping in mind that New York has a No-Fault system.

How Much Will a DUI Increase My Car Insurance? +  

Insurance companies follow a general pattern concerning insurance rate increases caused by DUIs In general a DUI will increase your insurance rate by as much or more than $500 annually. However other factors come into play; the exact degree each factor plays is determined by the individual insurance company in question. The level of blood-alcohol at the time of the arrest is very important.

How Much Will Crashing My Car Increase My Insurance? +  

For any accident that causes severe damage to your automobile even expect heavy repercussions in your car insurance rates. However a number of factors must be taken into account, most importantly the total charge of the repair bill. If the bill exceeds $1000 you’d expect to see a drastic increase to your annual cost and sometimes even a suspension of your premium.

How Much Will a Speeding Ticket Increase My Car Insurance? +  

While it varies from company to company, speeding tickets and other moving violations will always increase your insurance rate. The exact amount is dependent upon the severity of the violation. A minor speeding ticket of 15 mph above the speed limit or less is treated with the least of penalties increasing your annual costs by as little as Speeding tickets aren't usually a big deal in terms of car insurance.Speeding tickets aren't usually a big deal in terms of car insurance.a few dollars.

How Much Will a Fender Bender Increase My Car Insurance? +  

As with any matter that involves insurance premiums, there are a variety of factors that come into play when determining how much an accident will increase your insurance. Most important is the cost of the damage caused by the accident. If the repair bill is less than $500, the severity is considered low and you can expect your annual rate to rise by less than $100 and sometimes even be ignored entirely.

Does My Low Credit Rating Affect My Car Insurance Rates? +  

A lesser known fact is that credit rating does in fact affect your car insurance rates. The exact impact that your credit rating has on your insurance rate depends on your insurance company however, in general, a lower credit rating will increase your car insurance rate. Insurance companies consider individuals with lower credit rating to be prone to riskier behavior and thus try to insulate themselves from this risk.

Does Your Job Affect Your Car Insurance Rates? +  

A lesser known fact is that your occupation type may affect your car insurance rate. The main factor in determining the effect this has on your rates is how much driving is involved in your occupation. For example an office clerk has a relatively low increase their insurance because they do little to no Your job can sometimes affect your car insurance rates.Your job can sometimes affect your car insurance rates.driving at their place of work.

Does Gender Affect Car Insurance? +  

Although you wouldn’t expect it, your gender actually has an effect on your car insurance rates. With the rise of women’s rights and the demand for equality between the sexes this can seem to be a little nonsensical. If you are a woman you will receive a lower car insurance rate than if you are a man with the exact same driving record, car etc. This discount can be biased much as 20% or even Gender has an effect on your car insurance rates.Gender has an effect on your car insurance rates.more depending on the insurance company in question.

Does Switching Insurance Companies After an Accident Reduce Your Insurance Rates? +  

Although it is sometimes rumored to be the case, the act itself of changing car insurance companies after an accident has no actual effect on your insurance rates. Insurance companies keep very detailed records and share them with each other so a simple insurance company switch is not enough to fool them. However this does not mean that Save yourself some money on car insurance.Save yourself some money on car insurance.changing to a different insurance company will have no effect at all.

Does Age Affect Car Insurance Rates? +  

Your current age can have a large effect on your car insurance rates. If you are under the age of 25 you are considered to be at a higher risk of accidents and speeding violations as well as other high-risk behavior. As a result insurance companies charge much higher rates to those under 25, as high as two times as much as an older person and, in some extreme cases, even more.

Do Car Alarms Affect Insurance Rates? +  

Purchasing a car alarm can have a greatly positive effect on your car insurance rates. A properly installed top-of-the-line car alarm helps to reduce the risk of burglary, vandalism, and auto theft and dust provides the insurance company with a greater degree of safety when it comes to comprehensive insurance. Other security features including GPS tracking systems and remote control Car alarms help keep your car safe and your insurance low.Car alarms help keep your car safe and your insurance low.capabilities serve to further reduce your car insurance rate.

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