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What does the Shutter Button do on a Digital Camera? +  

The shutter button on a digital camera plays a very important role in clicking proper images. If you do not press the shutter button on your digital camera in a right way, you may end up with improperly exposed pictures. The shutter button has two different functions at two successive intervals. When it is pressed half way down, it allows the camera to adjust to take correct images and when pressed down fully, it allows you to capture the image. You should learn to use the shutter button correctly as it is one of the most important techniques to be learned in photography

My Computer Password Won’t Work +  

If your computer password is not working, you should first check if you have typed it correctly. You may write it on a world-pad and then copy-paste it in the password box. In case you have forgotten the password, you should boot your system into a Safe Mode. After booting, you will be able to see the log-in screen on your computer and from here you can proceed to operating your system. Now you can change your password but always remember that it should be easy to remember.

Memory Full on Local Disk C Error Message +  

If you are getting an error message that shows the memory is full on disk C, you need to follow some steps to fix this problem. You should empty your temporary internet files from internet option in browser’s history. You can also reduce the size and change the location of page-files by going to ‘System Properties’ and then clicking the advanced tab. You can opt for Disk Clean-Up tool to recover a lot of free space.

I need Information About Dongles +  

A dongle is a type of hardware and is used to prevent the unauthorized copying of software. The word ‘Dongle’ has come at random and describes how it was used for the first time. A dongle is attached to a computer for a secured software run. It is generally used in very expensive softwares which are prone to piracy. Some of the audio mixing and rendering software include a dongle to ensure their security. It is aimed at a small core market and provides a high end security.

I Need an AIM Screen Name +  

There are many interesting ways which you can use to create your AIM screen name. You can use symbols, Caps Lock, numbers and special characters in combination. You can also combine the name of your favorite flower with its colour. You may go for a screen name that suits your personality and defines you well like ‘sweet’, ‘Bold’, ‘Tiger’ or ‘Cool’. You can use your nick name along with your birth date that would be easy to remember and appealing as well.

How to Increase TV Volume +  

You cannot play your TV at a very loud volume as the speakers in TV do not possess that much capacity. If you want to increase its volume, you may add extra speakers to your TV. However, at extremely loud volume, sound becomes audibly distorted and it is really unpleasant to hear that noise. TV has outputs for speaker right on the backside and you can connect new advanced speakers through these ports. You may also go for self-amplified speakers and connect them to the line level audio outputs to increase volume.

How to Unlock My Gateway Computer/Desktop +  

If you have accidentally locked your Gateway computer or desktop, you should follow some steps to unlock it. First of all, you should check your system settings and change them to default. If your keyboard has been blocked, go for a keyboard option in settings and undo it. You may also press the “F2” button while restarting your desktop. If these options do not work, you may deactivate “NumLck” key. Now, shut down your computer for a while and restart it to check if it works.

How to Unlock My Gateway Laptop +  

If your Gateway laptop has been locked, you need to follow certain instructions to unlock it. Firstly, you should check the BIOS setup if you have made any changes in settings. You should set it to the default settings in case the keyboard gets locked. You may now restart your Gateway laptop and press “F2” button immediately. You may also deactivate “NumLock” key by holding the Alt key and then pressing the NumLck key.

AirG Problems +  

Soetimes, while chatting on AirG, you are disconnected from your network. This problem can be fixed easily. To do this, you should first check your browser settings if you have made any changes by mistake. In the browser SK, first go to ‘Options’ which is in the menu bar. Now, you should select the button ‘Settings’ and opt for ‘Live Search’ in place of ‘Search Engine’. The next step is to go to the option ‘Premade Bookmarks’. You will find different bookmarks here out of which you have to select ‘MSN Mobile’. Here, you should search for ‘AirG’.

Addicted to My Computer +  

Computer is a very useful tool in everybody’s life but when one spends too much time on it, it may create serious problems. It is as strong as a drug addiction. If you are getting addicted to your computer, you should overcome this weakness and it can be done easily. Firstly, you have to increase your willpower and inner strength to get over it because the problem does not lie within the computer but within yourself. You should stay positive and think about the negative impacts; your computer has been creating. You should set limits for its usage.

Addicted to My Kindle +  

With the growing popularity of Kindle, thousands of people have become addicted to it. In a more technical way, a kindle addict is called as ‘Kindict’. If you are facing the same problem and trying to overcome it, you can do it easily. You may visit the website: for help where you will find a ’12-page’ program. It may advice you how you can avoid your addiction to kindle. Besides, you can also try many things on your side as well like watching television, playing outdoor games and other things you enjoy the most.

I Think Someone is on My Wireless +  

If you are noticing that your wireless connection is much slower than it should be then it is possible that somebody is on your wireless. If you have a MAC computer, you need to learn about MAC banning. If you are already aware of it, you may check your MAC address in your router. If you find out your MAC address, you can block it. You may also check encryption and may block it as well. Also, if you are able to find out that person’s IP address, you can block him completely on your router.

I Think Someone Is Using My Internet +  

If you are receiving a heavy amount of internet bill and thinking that you have not used so much of it, it may be possible that someone is using your internet. To fix this problem, you first check your router if you are on wireless. You should also report to your internet service provider and tell them about it. If you are a MAC user, you can opt for MAC banning. If you think that you have leaked your user name or password somewhere, you should change it immediately. This is how you can solve your problem.

What Happened to My Laptop? +  

If you have been facing some problems with the battery of your laptop, you need to check few things first. You should go to the ‘control panel’ option and check the battery status. If it is showing any warning like ‘you have only 30% of your battery life left’ or so, you need to check the reason behind it. If you have been using your laptop for a long time, it may be possible that the life of battery has come to an end. If so, try to replace it with a new battery. If you still face the same problem, you may opt for the ‘Help’ option as well.

How to Get on AirG through a Computer +  

You should get to the web site using your Mozilla web browser. If you don’t have a Mozilla browser, download it on your computer. Now install WAP add- on “XHTML Mobile Profile 0.5.3” that enables you to read XHTML Firefox version. Now install another add-on "Quick Preference Button 0.1.8." from the web address Now go to the Menu bar and select the option ‘Prefs’ and then click on ‘Spoof’.Highlight it and then click on ‘Keep Out’. Now you are ready to chat on AirG

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