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What Is the Average Cost of Dunite Per Pound/Ton? Average Dunite Price

The average cost of dunite per ton ranges from $80.00-120.00. It is the parent rock of magnesite. It is dark grey to olive green in color. It is an igneous, plutonic rock with coarse-grained texture. It is considered the major constituent of earth’s mantle. Dunite is used in certain industries to produce refractory bricks. It is also used as a flux material in steel plants and in forging industries in powder form replacing silica sand.

What Is the Average Cost of Sepiolite Per Pound/Ton? Average Sepiolite Price

The average cost of sepiolite per pound is $0.40-0.80. Its chemical formula is Mg4Si6O15(OH)2.6H2O. It is a clay mineral which is present in fibrous, fine-particulate and solid-forms. It is a complex magnesium silicate described first in 1847. It resembles the porous bones of the cuttlefish. It floats upon water because of its low specific gravity and high porosity. It is used in oil drilling and for cat litter. It is also used in a solid form for carving.

What Is the Average Cost of Scoria Per Pound/Ton? Average Scoria Price

The average cost of scoria per ton is $66.00-70.00. Scoria is a volcanic rock. It has many holes and is usually found in dark colors like dark brown, black or red. It is basaltic in composition. It is usually used in landscaping and drainage works. It can be used for high-temperature insulation. It has a specific gravity, greater than 1, thus it sinks in water. It is composed of glassy fragments. It has large and thick vesicle walls.

What Is the Average Cost of Saponite Per Pound/Ton? Average Saponite Price

The average price of saponite per ton is $115.00-121.00. Its chemical formula is (1/2Ca,Na)0.33(Mg,Fe+2)3(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2.4H2O. It is a monoclinic mineral which is soluble in H2SO4. It is soft, massive and plastic in nature which exists in veins and cavities in basalt. It is also known as mountain soap or soapstone. It is a hydrous silicate of aluminum and magnesium. It is found in Sweden and UK. It is used in the porcelain factory. It was first described in 1840.

What Is the Average Cost of Rutile Per Pound/Ton? Average Rutile Price

The average price of rutile is $10.00 per ton. Its chemical formula is TiO2. It is a mineral composed of titanium dioxide. Natural rutile contains 10% of iron. It is primarily found in metamorphic rocks and igneous rocks. The main use of rutile is in the manufacture of ceramic as a pigment. It is also used in the production of titanium metal and in the manufacturing of paints, plastics, paper, foods and various other applications.

What Is the Average Cost of Rare Earth Per Pound/Ton? Average Rare Earth Price

The average price of rare earth per ton is $235.00-465.00. Rare earth elements are a collection of 17 chemical elements present in the periodic table. Scandium and yttrium are rare earth elements and are found in the same ore deposits and possess same chemical properties. Ytterbite was the first rare earth mineral to be found on the earth. Rare earth elements are often found together. Electronic waste and other wastes have significant components of rare earth.

What Is the Average Cost of Quartzite Per Pound/Ton? Average Quartzite Price

The average price of quartzite per ton is $0.085. Quartzite was originally sandstone, which is a hard metamorphic rock. Pure quartzite is primarily white to grey in color. It occurs in shades of pink and red depending on the content of iron oxide. It is a decorative stone which is used for covering walls, as roofing tiles, as flooring and stair steps. Unlike sandstone, quartzite is free from pores and has a smooth surface. Pure quartzite is a source of silica.

What Is the Average Cost of Pyrophyllite Per Pound/Ton? Average Pyrophyllite Price

The average cost of pyrophyllite per ton is $0.22-2.26. Its chemical formula is Al2Si4O10(OH)2. It is a phyllosilicate mineral composed of aluminum silicate hydroxide. It has a pearly luster. It occurs in white, pale green, grayish colors and is soft in texture. It has a specific gravity of 2.65-2.85. Compact pyrophyllite is used for manufacturing slate pencils and chalks. It is used in making small images, ornaments and carvings. It is also used in high-pressure experiments. It has great thermal stability.

What Is the Average Cost of Nepheline Syenite Per Pound/Ton? Average Nepheline Syenite Price

The average cost of nepheline syenite per ton is $60.00-70.00. It is an intrusive igneous rock that consists mainly of feldspar and nephelline. It is medium-to coarse grained in texture and are pale colored, pink or grey in color. It is used in the production of ceramic and glass products. It is silica free and an effective alkaline, thus it is preferred over feldspar in coatings. It is rich in alkalis and alumina. It occurs extensively on every major landmass.

What Is the Average Cost of Mullite Per Pound/Ton? Average Mullite Price

The average cost of mullite per ton is $150.00-200.00. Its chemical formula is Al6Si2O13. It is a silicate mineral of post-clay genesis and is also known as porcelainite. It occurs in volcanic rocks. It is found in the form of needles in porcelain. It is used as a refractory in glass and steel industries as it has a high melting point. It is artificially produced during various melting and firing processes. It is also used in the ceramic industry in manufacturing kiln furniture items. It is a vital ingredient in making high strength infrared transmitting windows.

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